For Divine Protection ($899)

An Avanced Practice: Protect Yourself from Negative Energy, Radiation, & Toxins

Watch the first module of the course (Celestial Shield M1 - What & Why) in which Master Mu shares what Divine Protection Practice is via the Celestial Shield Practice and why it is important to do this practice.

Based upon our students' feedback, the benefits of this practice include:

  • Protecting them from pollution, viruses, bacteria, toxins, & radiation.
  • Strengthening the Immune System.
  • Keeping them from spirit attachments.
  • Enabling the body to withstand the force from physical impact or accidents.
  • Safeguarding them from unhealthy energy, while enhancing their healing energy so they can focus on taking care of others by being able to LOVE completely with NO FEAR.

In this online course, you will:

  • Learn the importance of energetic protection.
  • Receive and activate your own Celestial Shield.
  • Learn how to cultivate, support, and strengthen your Celestial Shield.

Divine Protection Practice Online Course part 2

The Celestial Shield is a protective energetic shield, custom-made for each student. When you are protected by this great tool, you will be able to LOVE completely with NO FEAR in spite of being exposed to various negative environments. 

Divine Protection Bubble 2 people

Therefore, this powerful protection has been very well welcomed by doctors, nurses, massage therapists, acupuncturists, doctors of TCMs, chiropractors, other professionals in the healing arts, consultants, coaches, or other professionals who work closely with other people or animals who may carry negative energy, and by people who are exposed to pollutants, chemicals, toxic environments, or negative energies.

Price: $899 USD

You will have immediate access to your Library upon completion of your registration.

Please email us the date when you are planning on taking the course for the first time (which you can repeat later on your own as many times as you wish), so we can coordinate with Master Mu's schedule for her remote work on channeling the corresponding Energy Healing Transmissions (EHTs) just for you for 3 consecutive days.

After receiving the DATE from you, Master Mu will take in your information and energy deep into her heart, mind, and consciousness, and start to work remotely for you and send you the corresponding EHTs for 3 consecutive days including the day before, the day during, and the day after you take the course.

If you are new with us and have not met Master Mu in person yet, we recommend that you email us a recent photo of yours (without sunglasses) for the purpose of making your connection with Master Mu deeper and stronger to maximize your benefits from the corresponding EHTs channeled by Master Mu to you.

Just as a reference for the value, Master Mu's private clients pay $1,100 for one day's work on channeling the Energy Healing Transmission (EHT). Therefore, the value of 3 days' work on channeling EHTs is $3,300, which is an extra bonus. 

We offer online courses as a way to make Master Mu’s teaching and healing more affordable. As you can see, the tuition for an online course is much less than even one day's work on channeling the EHT, and you will receive the teaching videos, learning aids, and 3 days' work on remote healing directly from Master Mu.

We have many testimonials from grateful students who took Master Mu's courses (which included the EHTs) and shared with us their amazing results, which you are welcome to read on this website in the Testimonials section.

We lovingly offer a Special Discount for our frontline doctors, nurses, and other healers: $100 off per person.

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