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Demetre Minchev

Grateful for my Abundance

Demetre Minchev (Web Developer)

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East Ballina, NSW, Australia:
August 6, 2020

Dear Master Mu,

Every time I interact with you, my Abundance mindset and therefore reality gets better and better.

For example, immediately after our last communication, I received a $10,000 website job, that was easy to do, enjoyable and profitable, for both myself and the client.

I have also noticed that the level of client has also changed. I used to work with difficult people that would take a long time to complete tasks that were assigned to them and then have an attitude, like the delay was somehow my fault. Now I have the pleasure of working with amazing clients who are wonderful human beings. 

Recently I began working with an agency that acquires the work which I fulfill for them. They are great people to work with and it feels like a good, solid, and mutually beneficial relationship which is starting to move towards the TEAM end of the spectrum rather than always solo. 🙂

I feel that we are always looked after now and I am very thankful to your efforts.

I am very grateful for all this and more.


New Business Formed with Seed Money Gifted

Nikki Vergara (Teacher)

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Metro Manila, the Philippines:
January 20, 2020

Abundance has come in so many forms since my report right after I attended Master Mu's Abundance Workshop remotely via livestreaming last November.

I was wishing to do work that I loved and in less than a month, a friend and I hatched a business idea and this month, I was gifted the seed money that I needed and we have registered the business. The work that we do which focuses on the well-being of individuals energizes me. People have also approached me for possible partnerships...

Will keep updating you as more abundance comes!!

Sabrina Lee 3

My Income Has Increased by 40%

Sabrina Lee (Certified Financial Planner)

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San Rafael, California:
November 11, 2019

I just realized that over the course of this year (2019) while participating in the Abundance Program, my income has increased by 40%! Incredible abundance! 

Thank you!

Much love,


Feng Shui Healing Helped Me Sleep Much Better

Angie Sachdeva (Retired Chemist)

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Modesto, California:
July 27, 2018

For months, since I moved to my new house, I have been sleeping for 3 to 4 hours at night, waking up at 3:00 am. At first I thought maybe I didn't need that much sleep anymore. But after a while, I was getting tired during the day. Then Master Mu taught us specific ways to heal Feng Shui at home in her Monthly Empowerment Program on Mastering Qi for More Abundance and Prosperity. I followed Master Mu's instruction on how to cure Feng Shui problems in my house including  proper placement of my bed to change the flow of energy. I'm so happy to report it worked like a miracle. 

Originally, I had my headboard against the wall with a window and my feet towards the door.  I followed Master Mu's instruction and changed the position of the bed so the bed is against a solid wall and my feet are away from the entrance of the bedroom. To my pleasant surprise, since that night after I rearranged my bed, I've been sleeping for 7 hours straight, waking up at 6:00 am, feeling great all day.

Thank you so much Master Mu for the Feng Shui Webinar.


Thank You for a Renewed Flow of Financial Abundance

Jules Blanc (Cook)

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Mare Island, California:
April 27, 2018

Thank you! ​I know I can always count on you! It’s funny, but right after I sent you my progress report and request for help, I started noticing a renewed flow of abundance which had to do with my acknowledgement of it and the quantum flow of receiving and gratitude for receiving. A friend told me she has left half of one of her investment accounts in her will to me; ​more jobs came to me;​ ​a​ bakery owner is donating the cake for my Dad’s 90th Bday party; other friends are donating money for the party; my pitch for remedial warranty work on my house went better than expected; the builder has agreed to fix things in my house worth thousands of dollars!

Just wanted to share this with you.

​T​hanks again​!

​With much love and gratitude,​


dr kevin wong

Feeling More Free and Lighter and Enjoying Life a Lot More

Dr. Kevin Wong (Chiropractor, Seminar Lecturer, specializing in treating the feet/ankles, shoulders and the spine)

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Orinda, California:
March 24, 2017

I was a bit skeptical before I ever took Master Mu’s first “Enlightened Abundance” workshop. I enjoyed it so much I decided to try the year-long program on “Mastering Qi for Abundance & Prosperity”. I am surprised at how I am feeling and how the abundance is manifesting itself. I have always been a worrier, especially when it comes to money. Over the course of the last 3 webinars, I have felt different. Here is how I can describe it in summary:

  1. Money is my servant, it is not my master.
  2. I have let go of the power that money has had on me and I feel lighter and more free.
  3. I see my work as a Chiropractor differently. I am allowing the universe to bring people to me in whatever capacity it needs to. I am almost always busy helping people but some days I will see 5 new patients, some days I see 0 new patients. It does not matter because the patients come to me as they need me. The payment they give me in return for helping them seems like a natural exchange of energy. I give them something and they give me something.
  4. I realize that my Mother’s thoughts are not my own. I also realize how deep these thoughts are in me because I catch myself from time to time still thinking: “I can’t afford this or It’s too expensive or I don’t have enough”. I recognize this thinking is scarcity thinking or as I call it “Stinkin Thinkin”. I stop it and immediately think of what I am grateful for.
  5. I feel more free and feel like I am enjoying life a lot more. For the first time ever, I feel comfortable going with the flow of how my practice and life are supposed to go.
  6. I am still working on being able to relax more, but the abundance in my life will make this easier for me to learn.

I am so excited by this Abundance Program. I am glad I seized the opportunity to take this year- long program.

Kevin Wong

Dr. Kevin M. Wong, D.C.

Feeling So Confident, Secure, & Grounded!

Angie Sachdeva (Retired Chemist)

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Modesto, California:
September 5, 2017

Dearest  Master Mu,

Thank you so much for including  the Celestial Shield Practice  in the Abundance Program. I' doing the practice 3 times daily. It makes me feel so confident, secure and grounded. It's an amazing feeling!

With deepest respect, gratitude and love,


Jules Goose Photo Original

The Abundance Program Has Improved My Life Profoundly

Jules Blanc

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Mare Island, California:
December 18, 2017

Thank you so much for improving my experience on this planet 1,000 times for the better...

Thank You! Looking back on this past year, the Abundance Program offered by the Foundation has had a profound influence on me.  Every month, I would look forward to the webinars and the Energy Healing Transmissions. It was truly helpful to have some intense work (like the love letter to self) to keep me on track in light of the world going on around us.

My personality, spirituality, loving kindness, compassion, and understanding of the heavenly realm grew leaps and bounds in addition to the vast improvements in my organ systems and their functionality. I think differently, act differently, treat others differently. There are no words to properly convey my immense gratitude for the team especially to Master Mu, Mary, and others who contributed to this great cause.

A Great New Romantic Relationship & A New Opportunity for My Dream Job

Sabrina Lee (Certified Financial Planner)

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San Rafael, California:
April 6, 2017

I'd like to share with you the abundance that I've been receiving lately!

I have met someone romantically and I like her a lot. She is thoughtful, funny, smart and has a good head on her shoulders.

I just had a call with the CEO of a start​-up who is looking to hire. His company does what I have been wanting to do for several years now. The call went well and next, I will speak with the other financial planner that they have.

I just continue to feel healthy and abundant in all areas of my life. I thank you​ ​and the universe for all of it!!

Much love,


Update: June 11, 2017 

I'm sure you are wondering if I landed the new job. Yes, I did and I love my dream job!

Thank you! 

Thank You for the Awesome Abundance to Me, My Partner, and My Parents

Jules Blanc (Cook)

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Mare Island, California:
July 8, 2017

I​t is with great Joy and Delight that I am now writing about the awesome abundance I've received since the last report. The transformation in my consciousness has been amazing! These milestone shifts are so significant that there is no price tag possible to associate with them. You cannot buy happiness or being in the flow. The major one is the feeling of beginning to be in the flow. I am happy now! I feel very joyful each day and hopeful for the future. While it is true that we all have a past and a story to tell, no matter how grim or dark or traumatizing, my present state can have a new story, a new start. I am looking to forgive the past.

Recently, I have received some money as a surprise gift. A handful of new side jobs have come my way. So, slowly, a flow of monies is coming towards me! My parents received a pleasant surprise from some old friends they haven't seen in over 30 years who offered to take them on a vacation. My partner is overflowing with the abundance of side jobs.

For quite awhile, I have been under a cloud of severe respiratory challenges. Seems like I tried everything to heal, and then I had the idea that maybe I could ask Master Mu for help and guidance. In her usual kind nature, she guided me to receive white light and love from the planet Venus and help from the Goddess Venus. Wow! My lungs healed within days and I had these incredible visions of the Goddess Venus putting her hands inside my body and kind of fluffing up my lungs on all sides...this happened several times. My lungs and the large intestine are working better than ever before. I am so grateful for all of this! It was almost like "something" was keeping me from fully participating in our ​Program​ and some of the suggested chanting, singing, and other things, not to mention the debilitating lack of energy. Happily, I can now put that story behind me, and move on. Thank you, Master Mu, for helping to heal me!

In closing, I'd like to say again how much I appreciate all the team​ at the Foundation​ has been doing for all of us in this ​Program​. It is mind blowing when I think of how much time you all are spending on this and the effort it takes and the fact that you're willing to do this for a whole year! I know how much time I spend doing the homework, studying, and all, so I know how much more you all are doing considering how many of us there are. Thank you ever so much for your dedication and loyalty and the vast amounts of time you're spending.

In gratitude, Jules

Money Came In Today

Denise Christopher (Professional Pet Sitter)

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Alamo, California:
January 16, 2017

Dearest ones,

I have been moving and not as able to practice, but, am beginning on Wed to stay focused. 

I've had much more energy and ability to keep my stamina and motivation going during this very difficult physical move. 

Today I already have witnessed prosperity in the way of clients that were past due.... making their payments today. It was needed money and so happy it came today. A real relief and blessing. 

I'm so grateful to this program and your devotion to help all of us and all the world. 

Much love and appreciation for all. 



My Abundance Report for the First Quarter

Julie Gleeson (Best-Selling Co-Author of "Inside Job: 8 Secrets to Loving Your Work and Thriving", Founder of The Art of Living, Inc.and Co-Founder of Career Wisdom Institute, Inc.)

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Walnut Creek, California:
March 24, 2017

  1. 2 new clients, abundant ones, in pipeline
  2. Notice that I am working less and making more!
  3. Gratitude for the beauty in life continues to grow.
  4. Close to 100 letters for BNI Visitor’s Day
  5. New client in Coaching portion of Mastery
  6. Paid off one more credit card, one left.
  7. Found new Web Developer who spends quality time and answers his phone!

Feeling So Grounded, Protected, and Freed

Jules Blanc (Cook)

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Mare Island, California:
March 4, 2018

The benefit of the Celestial Shield practice ​that Master Mu taught in the Abundance Program ​​is so obvious that people have ​been telling me that my grounding ​is more solid than before. I feel more protected in sticky ​situations. 

It was an amazing experience to ​follow Master Mu's instruction on how to clear the Feng Shui of my house. Wow! It felt like a "train ride in the flow"​. The energy in my house feels so much better. ​As always, I am so grateful for all of your teachings and the efforts of The Thriving Foundation. Amazing things​ keep​ happen​ing to me that I never dreamed possible and always appear "out of the blue"... Anger and resentments from the past about ​some of my family members, for example, dissipated into a state of being wide eyed and open to whatever the world presents to me. It was an epiphany when I realized how senseless it was to let myself  and my emotions be controlled by anger over another's actions. I am letting things go. The end result is awesome and really freeing. Yet another example of the Divine Universe allowing me something for which there is no price tag.​..​

Much Love, Jules


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