Divine Communication on "Heart"

On June 26th, 2012, Master Cathy Mu received the above Divine Message in the form of a poem (Divine Download) during her morning meditation. The poem came quickly within a few seconds on a celestial screen in front of her.
Om Divine Mother, let me be an instrument of your Great Love.
Where there is a cold heart, let me warm it;

Where there is a hardened heart, let me soften it;

Where there is a weakened heart, let me strengthen it;

Where there is a hungry heart, let me nourish it;

Where there is a broken heart, let me heal it;

Where there is a lonely heart, let me love it.

For I am love, and I love every heart.

Thank you, Divine Mother, for infusing me with infinite amount of love
to warm, soften, strengthen, nourish, heal, and love every heart…

When every heart is filled with Great Love, the planet will be Heaven
on Earth, where all lives live happily together in peace and harmony.

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