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Free Group Remote Healing

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To help more people survive and thrive during these challenging times, Master Mu has been offering FREE Group Remote Healing to people worldwide.


Master Mu channels the corresponding Energy Healing Transmission on a specific healing theme for people who have signed up for the event.
You are warmly invited to sign up to enjoy the healing. Please click HERE.

Please Note

The remote healing session is not a class, so you don't need a link to participate in it. You can enjoy the healing session wherever you may be at the time. What you need to do in order to receive the benefits is to relax and tune in mentally and energetically and follow the instructions from our email after you have signed up. After receiving your registration, we will email you instructions on what to do to maximize your benefits. You can reply to that email by 1:00 PM one day prior to the event in order to deepen your connection with Master Mu during the Free Healing Session.


Here are just a few testimonials from people who participated in the Free Remote Healing Sessions:

Your Remote Healing Sessions Guided Me to Perform Drawings

Tuy Nga BRIGNOL (Medical writer for French Journals)

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Île-de-France, France
January 20, 2022

I greatly appreciate Master Mu's Free Remote Healing Sessions for transmission of healing energy with love. At the end of each session, my hand was guided to perform drawings. Each drawing was quickly made, as a gush of energy within 1 inspir and 1 expir. I felt a deep sense of peace.

My deep gratitude to Master Mu.

Warm regards
Tuy Nga

I Fully Lived the Transmission for Transmuting Negative Energies with Love and Compassion! Wow!

Ann C. (Gerontologist)

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San Francisco, California
October 17, 2020

Thank you, Master Mu for the Transmission. At 11:10 am Saturday I was already in my bright clothes and gold shoes as instructed. My phone rang from another room and I felt immediate irritation for the “intrusion”. Then I saw the name, it was a woman colleague and I immediately recognized that this call was my divine transmission.

She called to apologize for yelling at me, during an unfortunate communication we had recently that left bad feelings. With her PTSD, I could not figure any way to make things right. When she called on the morning of Master Mu’s transmission, I got a chance to say I was sorry, too. The whole time I was dancing around in the sunshine filled with love and compassion.

This woman, a senior, got burned out of her home and lost everything in a 2017 wildfire. Isolated by COVID, this powerful woman had become paralyzed by her trauma. We got off the phone around 11:40 am feeling so much better. We made plans to connect and continue our work together in the near future.

I was so happy, as I knew in my heart that I had just fully lived the transmission!

Thank you with love,

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