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To help more people survive and thrive during these challenging times, Master Mu has been offering FREE Group Remote Healing to people worldwide.


Master Mu channels the corresponding Energy Healing Transmission on a specific healing theme for people who have signed up for the event.
You are warmly invited to sign up to enjoy the healing. Please click HERE.

Please Note

The group remote healing session is not a class, so you don't need a link to participate in it. You can enjoy the healing session wherever you may be at the time. What you need to do in order to receive the benefits is to relax and tune in mentally and energetically and follow the instructions from our email after you have signed up. After receiving your registration, we will email you instructions on what to do to maximize your benefits. You can reply to that email by 1:00 PM one day prior to the event in order to deepen your connection with Master Mu during the Free Healing Session.


Here are just a few testimonials from people who participated in the Free Remote Healing Sessions:

Feeling Renewed & Energetic after the Deep & Delicious Healing

Dasha Bohm (Women's Inner Coach)

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Brisbane, Queensland State, Australia
May 20, 2023

I would love to thank you, Master Mu, for the amazing healing. I have felt it all over my body. It was deep and delicious and even though it was very early here in Brisbane for me, I wanted to wake up and experience it consciously, and I am so grateful I did. Thank you deeply for all your magical work, I feel so renewed and energetic today.

Big Love & many blessings to the Master

I felt negative feelings leaving me, love entering me, & my third eye opening.

Nene Igbo

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Ikorodu City, Lagos State, Nigeria
March 18, 2023

During the session, I had a hot flash and tingling sensation at my lower spine as well as a slight pain in my left thigh.
I also felt all the hatred, fear, anxiety and resentment leaving me. I felt as if my third eye was opening and something pouring into me via my solar plexus.
I felt love entering me and I felt as if someone poured strength into me.
Thank you for the remote healing session. 

Grateful for My Vision Improvements

Lonni Finneran (Retail Associate in Sales)

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Boulder, Colorado
February 8, 2021
Dear Master Mu,

I wanted to say Thank You for the free remote healing on Saturday.  I was excited to be included.  I noticed during the session a feeling of a clear presence. This morning I feel that  my eyes are stronger, and I think my vision for seeing up close is better, and my right eye astigmatism is less strained!
I am grateful for your time and hope I can continue to have improvements. 
Lonni Finneran

​Waves of Energy Flooding from My Head to My Body

Valerie Pearce (Retired Massage Therapist)

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El Roble, Guerrero , Mexico
February 18, 2023

During the healing, I felt waves of energy flooding from my head to my body. I felt pain in my spleen and also on my back where also there was pain. Then a little less pain in those areas.

A spot on my lower left leg felt like a blockage too in the yin meridians. Slowly that lifted off.
Thank you for the gift of healing, Feng Shui and abundance.

Grateful for the Healing on the Kidneys, Bladder, Strength, and Courage

Shelly Wright (RN & Process Improvement Coach)

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Vancouver, Washington
January 21, 2021

Hello my friend, Cathy! Master Mu!! 

Thank you for The Healing transmission of strength and courage this morning. I’m also grateful for bladder and kidney health. I have no known issues here. But often told, through acupuncture exams,  my kidney pulse is weak. So appreciate the blessings.
I always feel so divine when in your presence! I enjoyed my time with you this morning very much.

My emotions were and are a sense of clarity.  I am not ill with congestion or anything, but early in the hour I felt like an antihistamine had kicked in and I felt a melting in my head and ears. In the end, I intuit that this was a melting of my fears and a feeling of courage to be the kind and loving spirit that I am. Less need to hold back that piece of me.

I was blessed with color. It started with purple. The color of my sweater. I felt it in my 3rd eye, and it soon grew to hold my entire head.

I was prompted to place my own healing hands on my pelvic area. Almost immediately, I saw an amber color that grew more clear and then faded.

I was prompted to place my healing hands on my back. The Amber color returned and pulsed into my pelvis and down my leg, where I suffer from neuropathy.

I had the urge to say/chant:
I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.

Near the end of the hour, I recognized a deep royal/cobalt blue color swirling with purple going almost everywhere in my body.
Of course, I was filled with love and kindness in the end.
At the time - nearly 30 minutes after the meditation and transmission, I felt a sense of ability - confidence- to be and do what I am on this earth to be and do..

Thank you.

Your Remote Healing Sessions Guided Me to Perform Drawings.

Tuy Nga Brignol (Medical Writer for French Journals)

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Île-de-France, France
January 20, 2022

I greatly appreciate Master Mu's Free Remote Healing Sessions for transmission of healing energy with love. At the end of each session, my hand was guided to perform drawings. Each drawing was quickly made, as a gush of energy within 1 inspir and 1 expir. I felt a deep sense of peace.

My deep gratitude to Master Mu.

Warm regards
Tuy Nga

I Fully Lived the Transmission for Transmuting Negative Energies with Love and Compassion! Wow!

Ann C. (Gerontologist)

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San Francisco, California
October 17, 2020

Thank you, Master Mu for the Transmission. At 11:10 am Saturday I was already in my bright clothes and gold shoes as instructed. My phone rang from another room and I felt immediate irritation for the “intrusion”. Then I saw the name, it was a woman colleague and I immediately recognized that this call was my divine transmission.

She called to apologize for yelling at me, during an unfortunate communication we had recently that left bad feelings. With her PTSD, I could not figure any way to make things right. When she called on the morning of Master Mu’s transmission, I got a chance to say I was sorry, too. The whole time I was dancing around in the sunshine filled with love and compassion.

This woman, a senior, got burned out of her home and lost everything in a 2017 wildfire. Isolated by COVID, this powerful woman had become paralyzed by her trauma. We got off the phone around 11:40 am feeling so much better. We made plans to connect and continue our work together in the near future.

I was so happy, as I knew in my heart that I had just fully lived the transmission!

Thank you with love,

Feeling More Energized & Clear-Headed

Maria Fior (Actor)

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New York, New York
May 20, 2023

Hi Mary and Master Mu,
Thank you for the beautiful healing session. I feel more energized and clear- headed. I was meditating during most of it, picturing/feeling the green light from Jupiter.  I zoned out or transcended, not sure what to call that state when you are not awake…was I asleep? Anyway 40 minutes later I was conscious and feeling much better. 

Thank you!

Grateful for the Healing Smell with Profound PEACE

Kathryn Nymoen (Voice-Over Artist)

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San Jose, California
September 17, 2022

Dear Master Mu,

First, I smelled a long ago healing smell emanating from my heart. I cannot describe it but it is maybe LOTUS? Then I got a full on body Qi transmission and burped soon after:) Then I smelled something almost antiseptic? Medicinal in nature.

All of this was accompanied with profound PEACE. I wanted to send this to all that I know suffer. I chanted OM with my hands lifted and put each person in front of them. My hands were tingling and hot.

Thank you for including me in this Healing Transmission. I needed it and am so grateful to you along with the hierarchy of Masters that I know work with you. And Mary!

I will stay in touch and am so grateful for this healing.

Much Love and Light Always,



Increased Functionality of My Right Arthritic Hand

Rose (Retired Physician)

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Clermont, Florida
February 18, 2023

Dear Master Mu,

Thank you so much for the experience. The immediate effect which I had noticed even during the session is the increased functionality of my right arthritic hand. Thank you for sharing your healing power with others.

May you be forever blessed.



Feeling Energized, Clear Minded, Happy, and Hopeful

Maria Fior (Actor)

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New York, New York
August 20, 2022

I felt really energized after the session.  Clear minded. In fact I reorganized the living room that I had been putting off.

I feel happy and positive and very hopeful about my situation and its resolution.

Thank you

Maria Fior

I Got into a Cleaning/Fixing Mode -Decluttering & Getting Things Done

Marcia (Educator & Writer)

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Boulder, Colorado
September 18, 2022

Dear Master Mu,

Thank you so much for the remote healing session yesterday/Saturday. I had a good and peaceful day.  Also, I notice that today I have found myself in an unusual cleaning/fixing mode--throwing out clutter and doing tasks that I had been putting off. It feels like an emerging process of getting unstuck. Maybe this will extend to my creative life too. 

Much gratitude!


Better Sleep

Marcia (Writer & Educator)

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Boulder, Colorado
January 3, 2022

Thanks very much for Saturday's healing session! I think it helped me to sleep better.

All the best for the new year!


Feeling Relaxed and Peaceful

Marcia (Writer & Educator)

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Boulder, Colorado
October 3, 2021

Dear Master Mu,

Thanks so much for the remote healing session yesterday. I felt relaxed and peaceful and had a beautiful day.

Best, Marcia 

Standing up Straighter Without the Back Pain

K. Donovan (Retired)

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Roseburg, Oregon
February 19, 2022

Dear Master Mu and Mary,

Thank you for including me in today’s remote healing session! About halfway through, I felt a tingling sensation all along the left side of my body. I know I wasn’t just feeling chilled because I did not feel anything on my right side.  

Also, after the session, I find I can stand up straighter without the pain I so often feel in my lower back.  

Thank you again for all that you do!  

With deepest gratitude,

-K. Donovan

Feeling Far More Optimistic & Far Less Concerned After the Remote Healing

K. Donovan (Retired)

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Roseburg, Oregon
November 19, 2022

Dear Master Mu,

I followed the instructions provided by Mary.    

I was able to relax my body and not fall asleep. My goal was to focus my mind on receiving the light of Venus. My thoughts focused on bringing in healing energy, Love and Beauty to myself, my loved ones (family, friends, neighbors), and all those on the planet who are suffering from extreme weather events (fire, flood, hurricane, earthquakes, and so forth). As well as those who are suffering from physical, mental and/or emotional pain and loneliness. I asked that closed hearts be opened to Love, and that those who harbor hate, anger and division allow those feelings to just drain away into Mother Earth to be neutralized, harm to none.  

After an hour of this remote healing session and meditation, I got up feeling far more optimistic and far less concerned about the mundane aspects of my life; just happier in general. I am hopeful and anticipate some improvement to some of what ails my 72 year-old body!  

Thank you again, Master Mu, for your generosity of time, energy, Love and Light which you so freely give to us during these remote healing sessions. My wish is that you receive equal blessings in your own life!

With Love,

-K. Donovan

Feeling Much Lighter & More Positive, with More Energy

Maria Fior (Actor)

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New York, New York

October 17, 2020

At first I felt a lot of anger. But the anger slowly dissipated, and I started feeling calm and very peaceful.

About half an hour later I felt a bit warm and my stomach started turning a bit. I felt the need to get up from meditation and move around.

I was dancing and exercising, and suddenly I had a lot of energy.

Thank you so much.  I feel much lighter and more positive and no longer feel worried.

Maria Fior

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