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The 5 Organ System Practices Have Kept Me Healthy Esp. During the Pandemic

Jules Blanc (Cook)

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Mare Island, California:
December 8, 2023

Dear Master Mu and Mary,

Every day I sing the "Four Phrases of Love" for different reasons. Sometimes, it’s to cleanse my soul. Sometimes, it’s a singing prayer for someone to wish them well, or someone I’ve had a confrontation with. Sometimes, I sing it in the car on my way to work to be in alignment before I enter the building. This practice has been most helpful.  

The 5 organ system practices have kept me healthy especially during the pandemic. I believe the Thriving Qi Gong Practice for the Lungs & Large Intestine System really saved me from getting Covid. Here I am, a woman in her late 60’s working in an environment with hundreds of people everyday, and that practice protected me the whole time!   

So…thank you for everything.

Happy Holidays!

Love, Jules 

My Celestial Scent Got Activated!

Anna Smith (PhD)

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Palo Alto, California
July 14, 2024
Dear Mary and Master Mu,

I love this month's teachings!!  Also, I appreciate very much the
short modules, and it covers many helpful things, from food to exercises,
to common sense of love, backed by science. 🙂

I wanted to share that when I listened to the M3 module, for practicing the
Dancing Qi Gong for Healing the Heart, I had closed my eyes and was just listening.  I suddenly began to smell something.  At first, I was puzzled, what is that?  It smelled
like a cool forest, damp, moist, fresh... a good smell!   And it was
so wonderful because we have been in the middle of this heat dome,
with temperatures so hot for so many days.  It was a gift to feel this
cooling smell, and I cried, because it was so kind.

I'm so happy to learn that this indicates my Celestial Scent is activated, and I have entered into an elevated level of Energy Cultivation & Spiritual Growth. 
I still smell it!  🙂
Love and Gratitude,

My Bladder's Burning Pressure Much Improved & Urgency Lessened

Ann C. (Gerontologist)

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San Francisco, California:
January 31, 2020

Over the last few days I noticed that my bladder symptoms of frequency and burning pressure are much improved and urgency lessened. One day recently when I was out and thinking to myself I better use the restroom, I realized I did not need to void. I got so much in the habit of making sure I used the bathroom frequently, but I don’t need to so much and that is very liberating and gives me hope for continuing improvement. 

With my husband's diagnosis of cancer, I have been quite stressed lately (financially as well),  and almost decided to quit the program. Then I suddenly realized with the bladder improvement a few days ago that I must continue, looking forward to the new February session with renewed energy and attention. 

With much love and appreciation,  

In health and happiness,


Stronger Kidneys Brought Me More Abundance

Jules Blanc (Cook)

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Mare Island, California:
March 8, 2022

Master Mu and Mary, Thank you for the recent videos on Healing the Bladder and Dancing Qi Gong for the
Kidneys and Bladder. What I’m finding from these last few months is that there is a symbiotic nature between the kidneys functioning well, self-confidence, promoting positivity and their relationship to being in the flow of abundance. When I am  super confident after an EHT, I feel I can tackle anything…no challenge is too great.  I feel positive and happy, and not in fear.  Procrastination has always been an issue for me, so I’m noticing that good kidney function = more confidence = less procrastination. 

It’s magic! I still have lots of work to do in this area, but there has been significant  improvement.  And, as a matter of fact, I received a check for $500 for my birthday in early March!

A valuable lesson from Master Mu's teaching on the Bladder Care is to really embrace that “Qi Gong is a way of life!”, not just a bunch of exercises we do every day, 

I am currently trying to incorporate that philosophy into daily life. 

Thank You!

Suzanne Astar

Finally Relieved of Many Years' Food Addictions

Suzanne Astar (Massage Therapist)

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San Francisco, California:
September 13, 2020

Thank you, Master Mu, for the Qi Gong practice on Nourishing the Spleen, Stomach, and Pancreas System with Bi Gu Energy Healing Transmission. This month, I was finally relieved of a multi-year coffee addiction. I stopped drinking coffee for the past month after a serious addiction that was harming my gut health. I was also relieved of the addiction to chocolate and cannabis. This is incredible as I experienced a difficult time separating from sweets before. I am going to practice daily to strengthen myself further. Thank you for this amazing work!!

Lucie Delacey

My Magical Experiences with BI GU

Lucie Delacy (Healer & Artist)

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Angels Beach, Australia:
August 11, 2020

I would be honored to share my profound experience of receiving the Bi Gu Energy Healing Transmission.

I instinctively knew that Qigong was vital to assist my ascension process. After searching high and low for a pure being, I found Master Mu, and I immediately knew who she was, and held vital keys for me.
Being an ex-dancer, feeling this heavy, lacking in energy and basically immobile has been especially hard.
I noticed from the first day, that I didn’t need to eat as much as usual and felt full very quickly.

For the first 2 weeks, Bi Gu gave me a sort of “spiritual strength”. It allowed me to get inner guidance on what was going on for me.

After the special Bi Gu webinar EHT, I was finally able to do my intermittent fasting and I thought this was a fantastic result. I felt relieved that I could do this for my health and my weight. But I still knew that I was not experiencing the full benefits of BI GU that Master Mu spoke of.

I asked if and why I was blocking it and I got a ‘YES’, plus: "I don’t deserve to have or get what I want"

Wow. I tracked that one back to its original source: the 3-year-old me. Then I asked why I didn’t deserve to have what I want.
“Because you have been too naughty” (which was something I was told a lot as a child).

One week later, my partner and I decided to do the webinar again and … Wow Wow Wow!

This is what happened:

I had been intermittently fasting, and was not due to break my fast until about 6pm. This had been easy for the previous 5 days since the original webinar.

It was 2pm and I was not at all hungry before watching a repeat of the webinar, or during. However, immediately after being blessed with ‘celestial fruits’ during the Bi Gu EHT, I was suddenly SUPER hungry, as if I hadn’t eaten for weeks. Initially, I was disappointed as I didn’t want to break my fast and my partner had the exact opposite result, he didn’t break his fast at all (and continued until 3pm the following day before ingesting anything.

The strangest thing for me was that all I wanted to eat was fruit.

The reason that this is strange is because for my whole life I have never liked to eat fruit and I have always avoided fruit.

So here I am after the webinar, feeling super hungry, with my stomach audibly growling and all I want is fruit.
Whole fruit. Not blended. Astonishing!

My lovely partner drove immediately to the local organic shops and bought me: Papaya, raspberries, bananas, oranges.

I felt as though I was a child tasting the most delicious fruit for the first time in my life. I savored it and didn’t mindlessly just consume it as a source of fuel or an end to a craving. After just a little fruit, I was completely satisfied. For dinner all I wanted was fresh raw avocado guacamole - which I made. A few hours later, I had a little more fruit. Today, I was not hungry AT ALL. I woke up with lots of energy and had a whole day of doing all the physical house things that I have not been able to do without losing energy.
Even MORE astonishing is that I didn’t bloat at all - usually my stomach blows up like a balloon - instantly.

Best of all, the food ‘noise’ has stopped and I am not using vast amounts of energy on the yo-yo pattern of either resisting or being in shame due to me being a binge eater. For the first time in my life, I do not feel as if food owns me, nor that food is the enemy.

I feel that I am able to really have enough peaceful space to uncover more old belief systems around food that do not serve me.

Another remarkable thing is that I always have to have a hot meal at night, or some warm element due to feelings of sadness. Well, it’s the middle of winter now, here in Australia, and tonight I had just a small green smoothie at about 5.30pm and that was it.



I am in AWE!

Bi Gu has been my magical white unicorn.

Thank you dear Master Mu with all that I am for the gift of this life changing experience.


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Deeper Sleep, Brighter Eyes, Healthier Nails, Barely Any more Pain in my Gallbladder, and More Feminine

Christina Nielsen (Office Manager)

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San Jose, California:
May 10, 2020                                                                                                                               

It's been a busy week, but I am experiencing great results with the program! Since starting your program in mid-April, I have actually seen a difference in the health of my nails, and in the brightness of my eyes. I have so much more energy and simultaneous calmness, after completing the liver and gallbladder system qi gong. 

The dancing qi gong moves for May have been an added bonus and I feel like they are helping me get better in touch with the gentle, feminine, being-ness part of my personality. 

A lot of emotions have been coming up for me to process. I know that this isn't always a comfortable experience, but I finally feel like I am moving through and processing things that have been stuck for a while. Last August, I almost had to undergo gallbladder surgery, and opted to try and heal myself with natural methods. 

Although I have added certain supplements and tried to change certain things in my diet, I was still experiencing soreness in the liver and gallbladder area almost daily. However, after a few weeks of working on the Liver/Gallbladder qi gong exercises, I barely ever experience those aches and pains anymore! It is amazing! I am also noticing a difference in the quality of my sleep. 

I have always had intense dreams, and I still do, but I am sleeping deeper and my dreams feel more like they are bringing things to the surface to be healed, rather than the constant nightmares I was having on an almost daily basis. 

Much love,

Surprised and Excited: Feeling the Energy Healing Transmission Right Away!

Lonni Finneran (Retail Associate in Sales)

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Boulder, Colorado:
March 2, 2021

Hi Mary,

I just wanted to let Master Mu know that I felt the release of some energy in my right kidney yesterday.  I was surprised and excited as I felt this on the 1st day of EHT! Thanks for the last email about information and procedures.  It was very informative and I can hardly wait to start the practices. Thanks to Master Mu and everyone at TTF.


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"Feeling More Calm, Grounded, Energized, Much Less Irritable, with Much Less Gallbladder Pain and Brighter Eyes"

Christina Nielsen (Office Manager)

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San Jose, California:
April 23, 2020     

Thank you so much! I started doing the Liver & Gallbladder Healing Practice a few days ago and have been doing it every day. 

I can definitely say that in the few days I've been practicing, I've noticed a big difference. I've had lots of gallbladder aches in the past. 

The first day, I was feeling pain in the liver and gallbladder area, which I have learned was because the Qi was working on unblocking the sick energy in that area. However, in just these past few days of practice, I'm not experiencing nearly as much pain, which indicates healing has taken place. 

I feel more calm and energized, and so much less irritable! Definitely more calm and grounded, like a return to myself, which feels amazing! 

My eyes are brighter and I feel more like myself than I have in a while. I'm also working on clearing my physical space so I can create greater spaciousness in all areas of my life.... a "Spring Cleaning" on all levels :). 

I am particularly enjoying the singing practices with "Hu" and "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you", and I feel like I am soothing myself in a whole new way. I am so glad I signed up for this program! 

I hope this finds you well and that you have a wonderful rest of your day! 

Take care, 

Yvonne McConnell

I haven't felt so happy for a long time!

Yvonne McConnell (Health and Safety Officer)

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Northern Ireland:
June 7, 2018

I am really enjoying the Monthly Empowerment Program on Mastering Qi for Vibrant Health, Ageless Beauty, and Total Happiness so far. I haven't felt so happy in such a long time.

Patrick Gorzelic 2 Edited

"Increased Mental Clarity"

Jacob Davids, (Engineer, PhD in Mechanical Engineering)

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San Francisco, California:
April 13, 2018     

In April, the focus of Master Mu's teaching and healing was on healing the liver and gallbladder system.

Personally, I had been very mentally fatigued after getting involved with a woman who turned out to be very difficult. What I have noticed in April, though, is a general level of increased mental clarity (despite being fatigued).

I was very surprised – on April 2nd , a Monday returning to work after a tiring weekend with that woman, for some reason the consistent cycle of thoughts that’s usually going in my head about things other than the present moment seemed like to have got the volume turned down. It seemed to require much less effort to just notice the thoughts and step away from them and return to the present moment.

Being fatigued after a rough weekend usually tends to make doing this even harder, which is why I was so surprised. It thus appears that the dominant aspect of healing the liver/gallbladder system that I’m experiencing is its relation to mental activity (according to the TCM five element chart).

Being able to experience it and the difference it makes in the pursuit of my goals and my own spiritual journey has motivated me to continue practicing and learn more. I’m looking forward to the next liver and gallbladder qi gong lesson from Master Mu!

Patrick Gorzelic 1 Edited

Why I'm Staying with the Program after Trying it Out

Jacob Davids (Engineer, PhD in Mechanical Engineering)

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San Francisco, California:
March 18, 2018     

T​his was my first time taking the program and I enrolled ​ in March​ for a 1-month trial period to see if it was for me​.​ ​Well, I had never done​ any type of energy healing work before, and this was the very first time that I ​ever ​experienced receiving ​the EHT (​E​nergy ​H​ealing Transmission) from a master​​, so I didn't know what to expect, but ​I soon realized that ​the effects were pretty great​. ​

The Energy Healing Transmission had a pretty substantial effect on me physically - my kidneys and abdomen would routinely vibrate and feel strengthened/cleansed, my energy level increased, and even in my normal qi gong/tai chi practice (which I learned prior to enrolling in the program)

I felt substantially more sensations of qi (warmth, tingling, rubber band and magnet-like forces). ​I had been ​drained from an extremely active lifestyle​ prior to joining the program.

The EHT and healing focus of the program made me draw my attention and efforts more strongly towards my own recovery, which is a huge deal and has been a large impediment for me in progressing on my spiritual path. ​

T​he program drew my attention to something that I wasn't focusing on in my practice, which is super important to reach my original intention of spiritual growth​, and also gave me help and greater strength towards resolving it. Maybe the Divine already knew this would happen when Master Mu asked ​the Divine if ​I ​was ready to join​ the program​​.​:​)

Anyway, as a result, I made up my mind to stay with the program (if that's OK).

Thanks and warm regards,

My Best Day: Feeling Uplifted with More Energy & Clarity

Denise Christopher (Professional Pet Sitter)

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Alamo, California:
December 4, 2017     

I have to say that today, Monday 12/4, is the best day I've had in such a long time. I have more energy and clarity ... along with an uplifted spirit. I practiced yesterday and today .... I'm sure I'm not doing all the movements correctly, but, did the best I could.  I've been writing in my gratitude journal ... almost all the time and taking the Reserve 2 X day. I'm so inspired ... I feel this well and plan on moving forward with this to make the most of this breakthrough. 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Much love and gratitude!!!



Eating Less, Eliminating More, More Energy & Strength​, Better Blood Sugar Reading

Angie Sachdeva (Retired Chemist)

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Modesto, California:
September 5, 2017     

Dearest Master Mu,

First of all, I would like to thank you for everything - healing, energy transmissions and many more.

1.  With my experience with BIGU transmissions, I have been eating less, but passing lots of fecal matter out of my body. 

2. I also have tremendous amount of energy that I'm able to do yard work - working with bricks. 

3.  Nourishing the Spleen, Stomach and Pancreas System - A week before the webinar, I experienced most of the things you mentioned at the webinar.  Singing, laughing with friends, finding humor in what others say.  Also, I was craving for natural sweets - I ate fruits like cherries, peaches and mangoes. I told a friend about my cravings for natural sweets and she said, your blood sugar must be high, you better check it.  At first, I was hesitant to check my blood sugar but the next morning, I did it and was amazed of the reading: 123.  Master Mu, I can say this is the combined effect of the powerful Qi Gong practice I have learned from you, the Energy Healing Transmission you have been channeling and RESERVE that I am taking.

Master Mu,  I am so blessed and I am so grateful to have reunited with you in this lifetime.  Thank you very much Master Mu for your loving kindness.

With deepest respect, gratitude and love,



"Amazing Bi Gu Energy: Much Less Eating, No Hunger!"

Carol Liu (Pharmaceutical Researcher)

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Medford, Massachusetts:
August 11, 2017

Dear Master Mu, The following is my report for the Bi Gu transmission Webinar on Aug. 5, 2017 (Saturday).

Starting Friday evening, 1 day before the Bi Gu webinar but after you started channeling the Energy Healing Transmission, I felt no hunger and only ate a fruit for dinner.

After the webinar from this Monday, I started to eat 1/3 or even less than my usual meals. But I didn’t feel hungry.

The first 3 days of this week, I ate a small bowl of cereal with soy milk and an egg as usual for my breakfast. I ate salad for my lunch.

This Tuesday, there was one piece of chicken in my salad. When I ate it, I felt the flavor was strange which didn't taste good. Every Wednesday, our company’s cafeteria always has my favorite Indian food. I like it so much and eat it every Wednesday. But this Wednesday, I could resist it and just walked by. I went to the salad bar and bought salad for my lunch.

This Thursday and this Friday, I started not to have my usual breakfast of cereal and egg. I only ate one banana. The lunches for these two days were also fruit (strawberry and cherry) or some salad. In the afternoon, I ate one banana and apple. I felt I like fruit’s flavor very much.

Thursday’s night, I only ate very little salad. Tonight (Friday’s night), I ate some chips. Usually, I eat more than many people in my petite size. It’s very amazing that I ate much less and didn’t feel hungry this week. But I still went to gym and I’m able to do my regular exercise. I think I have received the Bi Gu energy that you have been channeling to us and I cherish it very much.

Thank you very much for the wonderful Bi Gu energy healing transmission.

I’m trying to keep it as long as possible.


Even My Cat Got Transfixed by Your Bi Gu Transmission

Denise Christopher (Professional Pet Sitter)

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Alamo, California:​
August 5, 2017

Dear Master Mu, Look at this cat, Buddy!

He was totally into your transition, Master Mu. ... transfixed by your voice.

It is amazing how intuitive animals are. I just wanted to share the pictures with you. I felt such a warmth in my stomach and I could feel the energy more than usual. I did feel hungry right after, but, careful to not just grab something unconsciously. Chose blueberries instead. That was all I needed.

Thank you for such wonderful gifts you send our way.
Much love to all. Denise, Buddy and all animals around me today receiving your love!!

angie sachedeva chemist

My 20 Years' Phobia of Driving Across Bridges & Freeways Has Been Healed

Angie Sachdeva (Retired Chemist)

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Modesto, California:
March 11, 2017     

I had phobias for many years driving across bridges or long distance on the freeway, caused by several major car accidents in the past.  In the first car accident, my head went through the windshield.  My head was x-rayed 22 times.  I was also involved in a head-on collision in another major car accident.

​After my first car accident, my ability to drive became limited.  Driving on city streets was all I could manage at first.  Every time I tried to drive on the freeway, I started hyperventilating, and had to move to the shoulder to relax before I resumed driving.  To address this issue, I consulted my doctor. The doctor said there was no cure and advised me to have some brown paper bags in my car and to breathe in it to calm down whenever I started to hyperventilate. I was able to cope with driving on the freeways using this method.  I depended breathing in the brown bag whenever the attack occurred.

As a result of these traumatic car accidents, I stopped driving across any bridge, scared that if the attack was to happen on the bridge, there would be no shoulder to park.  This lasted for 20 years.​

In 2013, I was introduced to Master Mu by a friend Patrick Kong.  I started attending Master Mu’s classes on “Healing the Five Organ Systems”.  I noticed a difference in me after taking the Kidney System Healing class.  My confidence and courage grew as my kidney system became healed and stronger.  I noticed a major break-through in me when driving long distance on freeways without a single episode of hyperventilation to attend Master Mu’s classes.

This year (2017), I enrolled in Master Mu’s “Monthly Empowerment Program on Mastering Qi for Vibrant Health, Ageless Beauty, and Total Happiness”.  For the first 3 months, the program focused on healing the Kidney System.  As the program progressed, I started noticing a great sense of empowerment emerging from within me while radiating into my life simultaneously.  I felt more confident, courageous, and able to express my feelings to others.  I am also more in touch with my own feelings and express them in a positive way.  I can feel myself taking back my own power.

On March 4 of this year, three days after the webinar on “Healing the Kidney System”, I drove from my home in San Mateo during the day and crossed the Dumbarton Bridge to pick up a friend in Fremont so we could go to Modesto together.  Going home at night, I crossed the bridge again.

The whole round trip took more than 4 hours and I was mainly driving on the freeway. 

A few weeks later I crossed the San Mateo Bridge, which is much longer than the Dumbarton Bridge.

Yeah, I did it! :0).

Laura Aleo

The Energy Healing Transmissions for Program 1 from Master Mu Fortified My Strength

Laura Aleo (Graphic Designer)

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​Clinton, Massachusetts:
February 27, 2017  

​​I am so grateful for my remote energy healing -- I feel these transmissions have fortified my strength through some of the busiest work events of my life.

​Energy Healing​​ Transmissions in an AMAZING way even though I haven't had the chance to watch the actual webinars​. ​Now that I have returned from traveling, I'm going to​ watch the recordings of the webinars to learn the beautiful topics that were taught, which will stimulate my brain and enhance ​my wisdom and knowledge.

Thanks again for this incredible opportunity to receive all of these healings.

​Please pass forward this message of gratitude to Master Mu.

Infinite Blessings,

Much More Energy

Denise Christopher (Professional Pet Sitter)

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Alamo, California:
January 16, 2017     

Dearest ones, I have been moving and not as able to practice, but, am beginning on Wed to stay focused. I've had much more energy and ability to keep my stamina and motivation going during this very difficult physical move.

Today I already have witnessed prosperity in the way of clients that were past due.... making their payments today. It was needed money and so happy it came today. A real relief and blessing. I'm so grateful to this program and your devotion to help all of us and all the world.

Much love and appreciation for all.

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