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The Ancient Secrets to Vibrant Health, Ageless Beauty, Sacred Abundance, and True Happiness

Learn From a World-Class Empowering Feminine Qi Gong Master & Thrive Together

Awardee of "Master of the Year on Health Qi Gong" 
from the 17th World Congress on Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Vice Chairwoman of World Federation of Integrative Health.
Honorary Professor at American Institute of Martial Arts & Integrative Medicine.
Why Qi Gong? Why in English? The Love Stories Behind Master Cathy Mu

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Modified Versions for Women

Having trained with world renowned top Qi Gong masters, Master Mu tested the traditionally male forms of Qi Gong with her own physiology. 
Based upon what worked and did not work for her and her female students, she created the modified versions that work best for women, including dancing Qi Gong.

The Secret to "Having It All"

Once you have learned how to align your Qi with the Divine Qi, you can "have it all" with ease. 
Learn from the only living Qi Gong master, who is also a successful CPA, on how to master the Art of Abundance and the Energy of Money, on top of the traditional Art of Healing, for a truly happy, healthy, and prosperous life.

Remote Energy Healing

Experience powerful healing for a stronger body, mind, heart and soul, reversal of aging, greater prosperity, and more joy and fulfillment, from Master Mu, who has been transmitting impactful Healing Energy globally to recipients across oceans and continents, all around the world.

Welcome home!
Let’s thrive together!

The Thriving Foundation (formerly known as PureBeautiful Healing Foundation) is a nonprofit educational organization. We teach online and in person powerful time-honored practices for total self-healing so we can survive the challenging times and thrive together in all areas of life including health, relationships, well-being, abundance and prosperity, and abilities to grow spiritually.

Our mission is to help our fellow human beings, especially women, to empower themselves, enhance health, overcome obstacles, fulfill their life purposes, and make our world a better place.

We envision a world in which women are equally enabled and empowered to create healthy, happy, prosperous, and meaningful lives for themselves, their families and communities. 

Our core values are integrity, compassion, accountability, creativity, respect, and unconditional love. 

We are based in the beautiful California, USA, and teach locally in person and globally via online programs.

Whom do we serve the Most?

1. Inspiring & Dedicated Women Over 40
2. Selfless Healers of Any Age or Gender
The practices we teach are powerfully effective for all (with a few exceptions as disclosed in the Disclaimers). We love all lives and enjoy helping everyone who would like to be supported. The majority of our students are inspiring and growth-oriented women over 40 who are dedicated to becoming the best versions of themselves. Therefore, we are especially passionate about supporting amazing women over 40 who are committed to achieving their full potentials in the areas of health, relationships, well-being, spiritual growth, abundance and prosperity. In addition, selfless healers (of any age or gender) have been drawn to learn from Master Mu and have benefited tremendously from her teaching and healing. By supporting and strengthening these beautiful healers, we get to help much more people indirectly.
One of the main systems of practices we teach is called "Qi Gong". Qi = Bioelectricity in modern science. Qi Gong means Cultivation of Energy Flow. Qi Gong has been proven to be a very powerful “Preventative and Natural Medicine” for health with 6,000 years of history.

Our strong focus is in teaching and offering Qi Gong tools and practices to empower humanity through positively changing the quality and strength of the energy field within us and around us, which is the core foundation of all physical manifestation on our planet. 

These energy-based techniques and practices are valuable additions to our “Kit to Survive and Thrive” for our changing and challenging times. 

The practices we offer are comprehensive and help with healing of all aspects of our being, including the body, mind, heart, and soul, as well as healing your Money Qi and the energy field of Mother Earth. 

The practices we teach have been proven to be completely safe, highly effective, and amazingly powerful.

About Master Mu

Master Mu is a highly respected award-winning Qi Gong master. She has been a featured speaker at numerous TV and radio shows, as well as many conferences. Master Mu's teaching style is very effective for the Westerners. She teaches holistic self-healing and self-empowerment practices locally in the USA and globally via online courses.
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About the Courses

Learn from the only living Qi Gong master with a background of a successful CPA, who has mastered the Art of Abundance and the Energy of Money, in addition to the Art of Healing. 
Choose Program 1 if you are looking for vibrant health, ageless beauty, and true happiness. Choose Program 2 if you want to obtain more abundance and prosperity, great Feng Shui, and Divine Protection. We also have various online courses that focus on single subjects.
Discover how to "Have It All" for a truly happy life.
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Hear From Our Students

Master Mu has taught over 69,000 students internationally, in person and online. Her remote energy healing transmissions have helped people all around the world heal and transform physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even financially.
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We are a non-religious organization 

And We Respect and Welcome Students From All Religious And Spiritual Backgrounds
Our students are from all walks of life, including medical doctors, nurses, lawyers, police officers, accountants, engineers, professors, teachers, talk show hosts, financial advisers, non-profit directors, coaches, singers, pharmacists, business owners, executives, artists, gardeners, researchers, scientists, dancers, healing arts professionals, educators, homemakers, cooks, business professionals, Pilates instructors, energy healers, web developers, photographers, office workers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, actors, natural therapists, chiropractors, health & safety and first aid instructors, fitness trainers, consultants, gerontologists, office managers, copy writers, designers, voice-over artists, and more. They are from various cultural, religious, or spiritual backgrounds. 

They have reported that the practices they learned here further deepened their belief systems and enriched their lives.

We warmly welcome you to join us on this beautiful and uplifting journey to Health, Happiness, and Abundance, a transformative process through which we enjoy the rich experience of vibrant health, joyful relationships, ever-lasting beauty from inside out, and abundance in all areas.

We are based in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA, where most live classes and workshops are held with the majority of our events live-streamed to serve our remote students and participants worldwide in many countries. We also offer online courses and programs.

Our participants have received fantastic results in many areas such as healing of stubborn health issues, receiving more wealth and abundance, significant improvement of relationships, and becoming more youthful and beautiful as they grow older and wiser.

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You Can Have It All

Master Mu is the only living Qi Gong master who is also a successful CPA. With her unique combination of knowledge and wisdom from both sides, She has mastered the Art of Abundance and the Energy of Money, which she combines with the Art of Healing. Master Mu's teaching is holistic, practical, and spiritual. She has helped students all around the world transform their lives in health, relationships, spiritual awakening and elevation, abundance, prosperity, and overall success and happiness.

Learn The Art of Having It All

What Students say about Master Mu

  • More Unexpected Money Flooding in $29,000 and Counting
    I received unexpected income for $6,000 during the preparation stage of Master Mu's Abundance Workshop and then right after the workshop $7,900 came to me as a nice surprise. Now it's been two months after the workshop, here is a quick report of more unexpected revenue only, without counting any of my normal business income:

    1. Booked a private retreat last week, $4500
    2. Booked another private retreat on Saturday, $3000
    3. Booked another private retreat on Sunday, $4500
    4. Booked another one today, $3000.

    ​I​'ll figure out the new way to​ work!
    ​Also, I got home last night and ​received ​a $100 Verizon debit card in the mail that I can use on any purchases.I know more money is coming, but to tally up for now, it is $29,000 already!

    Thank ​ you​ so much for the clarifying abundance work you do.
    julie gleeson 150
    Julie Gleeson
    Best-Selling Co-Author​ of​ "Inside Job: 8 Secrets to Loving Your Work and Thriving​", ​Founder of The Art of Living, Inc.and ​​Co-Founder of​ Career Wisdom Institute, Inc.),
  • I had been very mentally fatigued after getting involved with a woman who turned out to be very difficult.
    In April, the focus of Master Mu's teaching and healing was on healing the liver and gallbladder system. Personally, I had been very mentally fatigued after getting involved with a woman who turned out to be very difficult.

    What I have noticed in April, though, is a general level of increased mental clarity (despite being fatigued). I was very surprised – on April 2nd , a Monday returning to work after a tiring weekend with that woman, for some reason the consistent cycle of thoughts that’s usually going in my head about things other than the present moment seemed like to have got the volume turned down. It seemed to require much less effort to just notice the thoughts and step away from them and return to the present moment. Being fatigued after a rough weekend usually tends to make doing this even harder, which is why I was so surprised.

    It thus appears that the dominant aspect of healing the liver/gallbladder system that I’m experiencing is its relation to mental activity (according to the TCM five element chart). Being able to experience it and the difference it makes in the pursuit of my goals and my own spiritual journey has motivated me to continue practicing and learn more. I’m looking forward to the next liver and gallbladder qi gong lesson from Master Mu!
    Patrick Gorzelic 2 Edited
    Jacob Davids
    (Engineer, PhD in Mechanical Engineering), San Francisco, California
  • immediately after our last communication, I received a $10,000 website job
    Dear Master Mu,

    Every time I interact with you, my Abundance mindset and therefore reality gets better and better.

    For example, immediately after our last communication, I received a $10,000 website job, that was easy to do, enjoyable and profitable, for both myself and the client.

    I have also noticed that the level of client has also changed. I used to work with difficult people that would take a long time to complete tasks that were assigned to them and then have an attitude, like the delay was somehow my fault. Now I have the pleasure of working with amazing clients who are wonderful human beings.

    Recently I began working with an agency that acquires the work which I fulfill for them. They are great people to work with and it feels like a good, solid, and mutually beneficial relationship which is starting to move towards the TEAM end of the spectrum rather than always solo. :)

    I feel that we are always looked after now and I am very thankful to your efforts.

    I am very grateful for all this and more.

    Demetre Minchev
    Demetre Minchev
    (Web Developer), Byron Bay, Australia
  • I started losing weight without even trying.
    When I took on a teaching job that I found incredibly stressful, I started gaining weight uncontrollably. 

    I tried to manage my weight by exercising and going on diets but all my efforts were to no avail. It was when my aunt Angie enrolled me to Master Mu’s Qi Gong Class for Nourishing the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas System with Bi Gu Transmission when I started losing weight without even trying. 

    I lost all the weight that I gained and have kept it off since. Even more, I eat what I want without gaining weight and feel much healthier now.
    nickki vergera
    Nikki Vergar
    (Teacher), Metro Manila, the Philippines

Learn The Art of Having It All


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