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vibrant health and total hapiness

Empowerment Program 1

On Mastering Qi For Vibrant Health, Ageless Beauty, & Total Happiness
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propserity and abundace

Empowerment Program 2

On Prosperity & Abundance
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healing hands

Free Remote Healing

Master Mu channels the corresponding Energy Healing Transmission on the specific healing theme of each month for people who have signed up for the event.
enlightened abundance workshop

Enlightened Abundance Workshop

Enlightened Abundance: The Secret To More​ Prosperity ​And Happiness​
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healing Feng Shui in house

Healing Feng Shui For Your Home, Office, And Car

to Clear Obstacles and Bring in Powerful Positive Energy
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Qi Gong for Strengthening the Kidneys System

Healing The Kidneys/Bladder System

Full of Joy, immense Love and Gratitude for This Healing Gift
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carefree man dancing joyfully

Healing The Liver/Gallbladder System

Great Healing From Dancing Qi Gong For Cleansing The Liver System: No More Anger, No More Fear
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Heart and Small Intestine System clear thinking

Heart/Small Intestine System

To Help You Heal The Heart/Small Intestine, Blood, Blood Vessels, Tongue, And Emotions Of The Heart
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african american woman with beautiful youthful skin

Healing The Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas System

With Bi Gu Transmission

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beautiful skin close up of hand and leaf

Healing The Lungs/Large Intestine System

To Help You Heal Problems With The Skin, Nose/Sinuses, Lungs/Large Intestine, Or Emotional Issues Such As Sadness/Depression
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releasing spirit attachments with Qi Gong

Releasing Spirit Attachments

Healing Your Body, Mind, And Soul

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full body breathing practice

Full-Body Breathing

for Empowering Yourself with Extraordinary Ways to Breathe to Enjoy a Long & Happy Life
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zen qi gong

Bronze Bell Qi Gong: A Foundational Practice

Zen Qi Gong has been known in China for 1,400 years for its amazing efficacy in healing illnesses & enhancing health and fitness.
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