To promote the integration of various types of health maintenance, traditional medicine, and natural therapy to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, the 21st World Congress on Qigong/Tai Chi/TCM/Natural Healing is bringing together top masters of Qigong and Tai Chi from all around the world, including our own beloved Master Cathy Mu, as well as nearly 90 international experts of TCM and natural therapy from over 50 countries.

When: April 23, 2021 to April 26, 2021

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Master Mu will be teaching on

Sat. Apr 24th

2:50 PM - 3:15 PM, Pacific Time

Topic: Qi Gong to Optimize Your Immunity by Strengthening Your Organs & Losing Excess Weight

Cost: Free

Health experts have reported that Covid-19 has caused damages to multiple organs such as heart and kidneys, besides lungs. Additionally, many people have gained excess weight during the Pandemic. Therefore, Master Mu will teach 5 powerful Qi Gong practices to help you optimize your immunity: 2 for your lungs, 1 for your heart, 1 for your kidneys, and 1 for losing excess weight.

Please note that the presentations on the first day (Fri. 4/23/21) will be in Chinese, and all presentations from Saturday to Monday will be in English. You can choose the presenters and topics that you are interested in.

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