Online Courses 

(Videos + Energy Healing Transmission)
Our online courses are very different from the typical online courses offered by others.
Our online courses are very different from a typical online course. Not only will you receive the teaching material for your unlimited access in your Online Library indefinitely, but more importantly, you will also receive the powerful corresponding Energy Healing Transmissions (EHTs) that Master Mu will remotely channel for you for 3 consecutive days, for your uttermost benefits. 

Many students have reported that they received very profound healing results from the Energy Healing Transmissions Master Mu channeled for them.

This is how it works

If you are interested in taking one of the online courses below, click the corresponding link and register for the course online.
Upon receiving your registration, we will send you detailed info including how to access the online course. 

After receiving the DATE on which you are planning on taking the online course the first time (which you can repeat later on your own as many times as you wish),
Master Mu will take in your information and energy deep into her heart, mind, and consciousness, and start to work remotely for you and send you the corresponding Energy Healing Transmissions for 3 consecutive days (the day prior to, the day during, and the day after your taking the course).

Just as a reference for the value, Master Mu's private clients pay $1,100 for one day's work on Energy Healing Transmission (EHT).
We offer the online courses as a way to make Master Mu’s teaching and healing more affordable, as the tuition for an online course is much less than that for one day's work on Energy Healing Transmission (EHT) for a very high value which includes the teaching material and 3 days' work on the remote healing for each student directly by Master Mu. We have many testimonials from grateful students who took Master Mu's courses (which included the Energy Healing Transmissions) and shared with us their amazing results, which you can find on our website under "Testimonials".

Please click the link to the description of the online course you are interested in below for detailed info, and then register for the one you would like to take.