Your Heart and Sexual Enjoyment

Dear Friend,

Do you know that
· your heart's functions go far beyond just pumping blood ?
· your life goals and even your personality are affected by your heart health ?
· you can have a healthy, happy, and strong personality , effective memory and clear thinking from a special dance ?
· you can have more sexual enjoyment by strengthening your heart?

Would you like to discover
· the three simple things to do to instantly get into a better mood which is great for your heart?
· what tongue ulcers, loss of taste, extreme dryness, bitter taste in the mouth, excessive sweating , and menstrual disorders indicate , and how to prevent them?
· the real relationship between your Heart and your Soul ?

Master Mu will cover all of the above and much more in July in ​ our Monthly Empowerment Program on Mastering Qi for Vibrant Health, Ageless Beauty, & Total Happiness as the focus of Master Mu's teaching and healing in July is on Healing of the Heart & Small Intestine System .
Not only can you have healthier blood and blood Vessels , quicker and clearer thinking , but you can also be more emotionally expressive, and have more love & compassion for yourself & others by simply practicing ​the right Qi Gong Dance​ and eating the right foods to strengthen and nurture your heart .

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Summer is the BEST Season of the year to effectively cleanse , strengthen , heal, and nourish the Heart & Small Intestine System which includes our heart, small intestine,​ blood, ​blood vessels, and tongue. We warmly invite you to apply to participate in this program to help you care for this vitally important organ system (and every other part of the body and emotions at the best season of the year).

You will learn a powerful Dancing Qi Gong for Healing the Heart System and simple exercises for strengthening this organ system in Master Mu’s teaching in July.

The link HERE will lead you to a web page which gives you all the detailed info such as Why, What, How, Where, When, and How Much.

You do need to fill out a simple application form and wait for approval before you can participate in the program. The process is very quick. Upon reviewing your application, we will notify you if you are deemed ready to join the program. The purpose of this process is to ensure you resonate with the PureBeautiful Healing energy field so you will really benefit from the program. In addition, the information in your application form will make the connection between you and Master Mu stronger so the Energy Healing Transmissions she channels for you and the group will bring you more benefits.

To start the process , simply copy the following :

"I'm interested in Program 1. Please send me the Application Form ASAP." Then Hit the " Reply " button in this email and paste the content to your email.

Benefits of the Program in July Include:
· Improved Memory
· Quicker & Clearer Thinking
· More Effective Small Intestine
· Stronger & More Stable Heart
· Enhanced Wisdom & Better Discernment
· Healthier Blood , Blood Vessels , & Tongue
· Face Becoming More Symmetrical & Attractive
· Facial Expression Becoming Gentler & Kinder
· Less Anxiety , Less Panic Attacks
· Overcoming Jealousy or Mood Swings
· More Love & Compassion for yourself & others
· Greater Presence of Mind with Enhanced Awareness
· More Emotionally Expressive & Alive
· Reactivation of the Heart's Intuitive Ability
· More Peace, Joy, & Gratitude in the Heart

1) During the entire 1st and 2nd weeks of the month , Master Mu takes in the participant's information, energy, condition, and needs deeply into her heart, mind, and consciousness while doing her energy work remotely every day and channels the corresponding Energy Healing Transmission (EHT) for the overall health (physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual) of the Heart & Small Intestine System which includes the heart, small intestine, blood, blood vessels, and tongue. Master Mu channels the Energy Healing Transmission from Planet Mars for the health of the Heart & Small Intestine System. At the emotional level, it includes boosting of your heart stability, emotional balance, capacity for love , and restoring of your heart's healthy state of Peace, Joy, & Gratitude , and reducing your Anxiety, Jealousy, Mood Swings while turning them into positive forces. As a result, you will be happy to see yourself naturally becoming more emotionally expressive & alive , filled with greater Joy , Peace and Gratitude in your heart.

For this part of the program, what you need to do is simply stay connected with and open to the corresponding Energy Healing Transmission for the entire first and second weeks of the month to receive the benefits.

2) On the 1st Saturday of the month, that is July 6 for this month , by 3 PM, you will receive the recording of Master Mu's teaching on the Heart & Small Intestine System in which Master Mu will share knowledge and wisdom as well as teach you powerful Qi Gong Movements to strengthen this vitally important organ system.

July is the last month of th​e​ year in which Master Mu’s healing and teaching are focused on Healing of the Heart & Small Intestine ​System before she moves on to Healing the Spleen, Stomach & Pancreas System in​ August. If you don't want to miss any of the Energy Healing Transmission that Master Mu starts channeling in the beginning of July (and will continue every day during the 1st and 2nd weeks of the month) for boosting the health of your Heart & Small Intestine System and would like to receive related teaching as much as possible, please be sure to request the Application Form NOW so you can turn in your application ASAP and complete your enrollment after your application is approved. If you are late in registering for the program and end up missing part of the Energy Healing Transmission this month, we can try to make a special arrangement for you to make up for the part you have missed.

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